Some of The Ways Thieves Could Steal Your Dog

Some of The Ways Thieves Could Steal Your Dog

Recently, pet theft, particularly dogs has been at an alarming rate. It is ever increasing as each year passes by. There are some reasons why people or rather thieves engage in this malicious activity. The main one being an opportunity for quick money-a shortcut to riches.

There are other reasons for stealing dogs, though money would be made in the long run. They could be stolen for ring fights or, especially pedigree, used in breeding. For any reason, your dog is gone anyway. Here are the ways thieves could steal your dog and it might help you be on the alert.

Dogs Left Outside a Business Shop.

This may sound absurd as you cannot imagine seeing a pet tied outside a banking hall. However, most people in metropolitan take their dogs with them when they go shopping. It would be inevitable to tie it in front of the shop making it vulnerable to theft. True, you are rushing in for less than 10 minutes or so. But little didn’t you know you were being watched by a potential thief. They are always planned and can never waste such a golden opportunity. Surveillance cameras may safeguard your pet somehow but it would be rendered useless if the attacker covers their faces.

Dogs Left in the Cars.

If you leave your pet inside a car with a partly opened window, coming back to find it gone would not be a surprise. The window can be forced down or even worse, smashed and in less than a minute the dog is in the wrong hands. By the time you come back, you only have the unfortunate truth to take back home, the pet is long gone.


Strangers in your compound or in the neighbourhood can be a real threat to your dogs. They could be deliverymen, invited contractors or any other visitors. If these guys have bad motives, they will wait for you to be abstracted even for a second before grabbing your dog. Sometimes they might not steal your dog instantly. They take note of the breeds you have and study security vulnerabilities in your home. This will facilitate a break in the plan at a later time. Never leave any stranger unattended unless you trust them.


Walking with your dog in the park is common and is sometimes a good company if you are alone. You might be tempted at some point to let it run in the park to enjoy some freedom, particularly puppies. If it runs off your sight, it will only take an ill-motivated person with a vehicle to grab your dog and disappear.

This goes particularly for pedigree. A purebred dog attracts greater motivation for thieves to run away with. They only see dollar signs in such unattended dogs. No one would ever hesitate to pick up a dollar in the street.

Dogs in Fenced Backyards.

Fenced backyards can sometimes lead you to have the illusion of safety. It is never the case as police reports have indicated rising thefts of dogs in the backyards. Leaving your dog to explore the fenced yard is a good idea. However, the idea is never too good without supervision. You are just creating a huge chance for a culprit who is not just an opportunist, but someone who makes plans and calculated moves.

One of the other ways thieves could steal your dog is if you leave your gates open. No matter how strong and high your fences are, leaving your gates open or insecurely locked, will render it useless. All in all, never leave your pets unattended.

The Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

The Benefits of Being a Dog Owner

An apple a day might not keep the doctor away, how about a pet a day? This is a different story. When it comes to owning a pet, there are several proven health benefits including emotional and mental improvements, physical fitness, and also decreasing the risk of getting a heart attack. This might sound unrealistic in the meantime. Read on to identify 8 Benefits of Being a Dog Owner and why you should be considering getting yours soon

1. They exercise more.

Owning a dog will definitely motivate you to exercise on a daily basis. On a day when you feel that you cannot go for a workout, taking your dog out for a walk will definitely motivate you to exercise. Taking your dog daily out for 30 minutes daily will greatly improve the status of your health.

2. Increases Resistance to Allergies.

As we are all aware, sometimes dogs can be some of the worst triggers of allergies. However growing up in has a house that has a dog will make your children less likely to be affected or develop allergies during their life. If your mother lived with a dog when you were a fetus, you are less likely to be affected by dander, animal hair or develop eczema when you are an adult.

3. They are Happier!

As a matter of fact, people who own dogs are less likely to suffer from depression compared to those with no pets. Even if you are clinically depressed, adding a dog like one of your possessions will greatly improve your depressed condition. In several cases, dog therapy proves to be more effective than medication. This can be explained by the fact that dogs require constant attention hence keeping you busy. This interaction with a dogs love helps dog owners to remain positive, hence comber stress. Research indicates that even just looking at your dog will increase the levels of dopamine the feel good hormone in the brain.

4. Lower Stress at Work!

The advantages of having your dog at work are so obvious that companies are already catching up to this trend. Studies indicate that people who constantly interact with pets have lower stress levels all through the day. For those who do not bring theirs at work, their stress levels increase overtime. Having your dog at the office will encourage you to take several breaks during the day. This has been showed to increase job productivity

5. Better Heart Health!

Almost everything about owning a dog seems to rotate around better health. The reality is, the act of just petting a dog has been shown to lower the heart rate and also the blood pressure. A study from China indicates that do owners get sick less often and get better sleep at night. Other scientific studies indicate that dog owners have a lower cholesterol level and are more likely to survive a heart attack than those who don’t own one.

6. You may detect cancer sooner.

The amazing sense of smell of a dog can be used for various purposes as well as detecting cancer. Several dog owners have reported their dog licking nudging or smelling spots that turned out to be cancerous. Perhaps, one of these days your dog will detect cancer and save your life.

7. It reflects the personality of an owner!

The kind of do you own tells people a lot about you. A study carried in England indicated a clear correlation and the type of dog they own. For instance, people with toy dogs are more intelligent while those with utility dogs like bull dogs and Dalmatians are very painstaking. Several other studies have indicated that dog owners are more outgoing and friendlier than those with cats. If you decide to get a dog, be careful since dogs can also carry your personality traits. That may explain perhaps why your dog is aggressive.

8. It improves the social life of the dog owner.

Walking a dog does not only get a dog owner exercise, but also a chance to socialise with others. When walking a dog, people are more like to stop often and talk. Taking your dog to a God park or taking it with you to run errands will encourage strangers to start conversations with you about or your dog.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Apple Cider Vinegar for Dogs

Has your dog been scratching itself obsessively, losing hair, trying to clean itself, developing an odour, or become picky over food? Does your dog have watery eyes, running nose or wet coughs? Then, you need the apple cider vinegar (ACV). ACV contains iron, potassium and magnesium and other essential vitamins and minerals. Every home with a dog should have an apple cedar vinegar. Why? This is because it’s a remedy with multiple uses – the ACV does it all! I mean, did you know that it can also be used with cats and dogs? And not only animals but also humans. For us, humans, add it to your food like a salad dressing or take it straight from the spoon. Better still, you can drink it by mixing with honey or garlic and hot water. Apparently, it works wonders…Believe that!

The ACV can typically be sprayed onto the dog for skin conditions. You can use the ACV/Water Spray for hot spots, thinning hair, pimples, or even ear infections. You can also pour-in ACV to your dog’s bathe. This will help kill parasites like ticks and fleas, even bacteria. ACV can also be administered orally. How? Mix it in with its food. This will help maintain the correct acid/alkaline balance of your dog’s body (pH level) to prevent acid reflux. It also helps your dog if it has digestive problems like constipation or diarrhoea. You can also choose to instead just add a teaspoon to its water dish. It is advisable to add one teaspoon for small dogs and one tablespoon for medium and large dogs. Though at times, dogs might be turned off by the strong smell of the ACV and that is why it is highly recommended to use it with food since it hides the smell.

When buying the apple cider vinegar, it is best advised to purchase the fermented and unfiltered AVC. One that is organic and unprocessed, and is at times referred to as ”raw”. Avoid the clear AVC. Why? This is because raw ACV contains a cloudy substance called “the mother of vinegar,” which is murky and brown, and it contains healthy living enzymes, nutrients and very important minerals, vitamins and amino acids which are all created during fermentation of the vinegar. And this will work like magic!

For all who are interested in their pets health and ‘your own health’, Apple Cider Vinegar is a wonderful home remedy and is the best preventative there is. An application of apple cider vinegar (ACV) always helps your pooch!

How To DIY A Dog Bed Using A Recycled Tire

How To DIY A Dog Bed Using A Recycled Tire

For us dog lovers, our furry friends are not only pets but are also part of our family. Just like our kids, we want to provide everything for them including food, shelter, health care, clothing and a comfortable bed to sleep in. But lets admit it, maintaining dogs can put a dent on our bank accounts.

That does not always have to be the case. With just a recycled tire, a few other old, unused stuff and creativity, we can actually build a comfy bed for our beloved dog friends. By doing this, we do not only become responsible dog owners, but we are also friendly to our one and only Earth as we are promoting recycling.

Here is a step by step process on how you can get creative with stuff that is probably just lying somewhere in your garage or attic.

Prepare the materials that you are going to need:

  1. A recycled tire of a kid’s bike – This is ideal for smaller dogs like Shih Tzus or teacup dogs as it would be cosier. For bigger ones, it would be preferable to use larger tires like that of Sports Utility Vehicles or trucks.
  2. A thin slice of wood, with just the right size as or slightly bigger size than the tire.
  3. Some unused foam, cut out to fit the tire. You may also use old, small throw pillows for this.
  4. Paint – Your desired colour.
  5. Super glue
  6. Plain cloth – Your desired colour
  7. Saw or utility cutter (This is for the wood)

Follow The Procedure:

1.) Wash the recycled tire with soap and water to ensure your dog sleeps on a clean bed. Scrub it all over and make sure it is free from dust. Check and double check to make sure that there are no stones / rocks or nails stuck in between the treads. This poses a threat to your dog if left unnoticed. Aside from health reasons, the paint will not actually stick to the tire if it’s covered with dirt or mud.

2.) Dry it out completely.

3.) Cut the piece of wood according to the size of your tire. This will serve as a “base” for the bed for stability.

4.) Paint the wood with your desired colour. Set out to dry.

5.) Once the recycled tire has dried from washing, paint it as well with your desired colour. It does not necessarily have to be in the same colour as your base. This is where you can have fun and be creative. Mix and match colours to your liking. Set it out to dry.

6.) To assemble the base with the bed, just glue the recycled tire to the wood with your super glue. Set out to dry.

7.) Sew the cloth over the used foam or old throw pillows to give them a newer look. We don’t want our furry friends to be sleeping on some garbage looking bed, do we?

8.) Insert the used foam or the old throw pillows into the spaces in the centre of the recycled tire and you are done.

There you have it. An eco-friendly, pocket-friendly way to show our dogs that we care about them and their well-being. You can also do this project with your cats. Have fun with it and see your dog bark with approval.

3 Main Reasons Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads When We Speak

3 Main Reasons Why Dogs Tilt Their Heads When We Speak

When dogs are spoken to, they tend to tilt their heads in a manner that is very appealing to the speaker. The titling also tends to make them look smarter and cuter than before. But is there a real reason why this head tilting occurs when we speak? Various researchers have done their homework and come up with these three main reasons why head tilting occurs when dogs are spoken to.

1. To Listen More Efficiently.

A dig will tilt its head so as to try and re position their ears in order to judge the location of the sound and the distance it is coming from more accurately. This turning of the head also helps physiologically to open up the ear canal of the dog. The tilting can also help greatly with trying to note sounds and audio cues that are familiar to the dog.

2. To Get A Good Look of the Speaker’s Facial Expression.

Researchers also believe that when a dog tilts its head, it does this in an effort of getting a better view of the speaker’s facial expressions. In the book ‘Intelligence of Dogs’, author and dog researcher Stanley Coren suggests that dogs which have longer muzzles have their view obstructed in a manner that is similar to holding a fist up to our nose. When a dog tilts its head, it tends to look for a better view of the speaker’s facial expression.

3. To Accurately Pinpoint What They are Hearing.

Dogs tend to rely heavily on visual and audio cues. They can easily note the slightest change in a speaker’s tone of voice and will do their best to analyse familiar sounds that might be of interest to them. Tilting their heads gives them more concentration on the identification of vital audio cues which lead to the dogs benefit such as going on a walk or getting a treat. Positive re-enforcement visual and audio cues are commonly used by dog owners and tend to make a dog tilt its head so as to get rewards.

In summary, dogs are very smart and friendly and when a dog tilts its head, it’s normal to get a clue as to what the speaker is trying to suggest and respond accordingly. This head tilting also makes it look very adorable creating a stronger bond between the dog and its owner.

Do Dogs Need To Wear Dog Coats

Do Dogs Need To Wear Dog Coats

When it’s icy outside, all we think of is winterizing our homes and cars. Should we winterize our dogs? Though they look good in dog coats, they technically have another natural coat on their bodies. Is this extra layer (coat) a health risk or healthy? Should they be dressed during winter or for style? Some would scoff at the idea of dressing a dog while some dog owners have witnessed their dogs shivering violently on winter exposure but hesitate to cover them due to fear of appearing odd. There is no harm in covering your dog if you are concerned about it being cold. If you are still not sure about dogs wearing coats, consider this; some dogs have thinner fur layers than others, and some do not genetically suit the environs they find themselves in. You dog might be uncomfortable with winter temperatures, as uncomfortable as you would feel in case you stepped in the open with no clothes on.

Cold Seasons

A dog coat can be quite helpful during winter especially if your canine companion insists on relieving itself outside in the snow. Your dog’s ability to keep himself warm physically depends on his size, age, and breed, but if he has a light hair coat, a lot of curling up will help it conserve heat. Light bodied breeds, smaller, toy breeds, and breeds with natural thin or short hair coats benefit much from a warm dog coat, for hanging around home or when they ought to go outside. A coat makes a dog’s well-being feeling have a significant difference.

Age and Diseases

Old dogs have a weak immune system hence keeping them warm should be their master’s priority. Some dogs have conditions that impair their hair growth for example…Cushing’s disease and hypothyroidism. Such dogs need an extra warmth source typically which can be provided by a dogs coat. This will better their conditions as they gradually get well. The old dogs will avoid falling sick due to the warmth acquired from the dog coats they put on.

Some Do Not Need To Wear Dog Coats

Large dogs with dense hair coats do not need additional insulation. The dog coats would probably make them uncomfortable sometimes leading to physical overheating. Their fur is genetically designed to protect them from extreme cold experienced during winter. The Malamute, Saint Bernard, and Siberian Husky are good examples of dogs which are suited to winter temperatures while the Greyhound, Chihuahua and most pinscher and terrier breeds do better with dog coats for extra insulation.

Save Money On Dog Care

Save Money On Dog Care

Having a pet is a choice that a person makes. Once a person decides to keep a dog as a pet, there are various responsibilities that come with it. Pets, especially a dog, require a lot of time and expenses to care for the dog although the expenses will entirely differ from person to person. The average cost of owning a dog varies from 500$ to 2000$ per year.

If one is planning to own a dog without incurring much expense, then one should consider adopting a dog from animal shelters where animals are in desperate need of a home to live in and be taken care of. Dogs from shelters can be bought at a lower cost depending on the terms provided. However, select shelters which have clean backgrounds to avoid getting dogs with diseases. If you want to get a purebred dog of a specific breed, go to breeders where you can look for the breed you are looking for. However, dogs from breeders are much more expensive. This will depend on the type of dog being bought.There is a huge difference in cost between dogs gotten from breeders and those gotten from rescue shelters.

Every dog needs a good collar and leash which the dog will be comfortable in. Dog collars are not expensive to purchase. A good bed for the dog to sleep is essential and toys for the dog to play with. Buy a nice quality bed which will not be needed to be replaced regularly.
When it comes to food, quality of the food should be the first thing to be considered. The quality of food will affect the dog’s health and also expenses. Homemade food will save on expenses and will also be hygienic. Finally, regular visits to the vet are important. Buying insurance for the dog is important as it will also save on expenses.