Are There REAL Local Singaporean Social Escorts?

Many people have been cheated by unethical agencies (which are now defunct due to their terrible reputation) that they are engaging a local Singaporean girl when the agency actually sends down a different girl who’s usually a foreigner.

This begets the question – are there any real true blue, local, Singaporean female social escorts? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, and it’s just harder to look for them, and only a few agencies specialize in them, namely SG VIP Escorts (ie

Why is it so difficult to find a local SG girl then? This is because most Singaporean girls are very conservative, and yet most agencies are unethical and ask their models to engage in sexual activities with their clients. There are however a few clean and legitimate agencies who does not ask their girls to do any questionable acts as part of the service, and those are the only ones who get a lot of local SG girls as part of their models.

Therefore, the answer is yes, there are real Singaporean female social escorts, however, they are definitely a rarity.

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