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Are There REAL Local Singaporean Social Escorts?

Many people have been cheated by unethical agencies (which are now defunct due to their terrible reputation) that they are engaging a local Singaporean girl when the agency actually sends down a different girl who’s usually a foreigner.

This begets the question – are there any real true blue, local, Singaporean female social escorts? The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes, and it’s just harder to look for them, and only a few agencies specialize in them, namely SG VIP Escorts (ie

Why is it so difficult to find a local SG girl then? This is because most Singaporean girls are very conservative, and yet most agencies are unethical and ask their models to engage in sexual activities with their clients. There are however a few clean and legitimate agencies who does not ask their girls to do any questionable acts as part of the service, and those are the only ones who get a lot of local SG girls as part of their models.

Therefore, the answer is yes, there are real Singaporean female social escorts, however, they are definitely a rarity.

Online dating can be really tough in Singapore!

Did you know that online dating is where people go to nowadays if they cannot find a girl offline?

However, there are lots of problems when it comes to dating online, because most girls online will simply ignore your messages no matter how interesting, sincere or funny you sound.

In fact, there are challenges specific only to Singapore.

Check out the following comedic skit by TreePotatoes to see how hard it is for guys to get any girl online in Singapore! This is especially the case in Singapore where girls are so conservative and unresponsive.

There are actually extra challenges on top of what the video above demonstrated when it comes to dating online in Singapore – and that is a far smaller percentage of girls are online on dating apps in Singapore compared to Western countries! This means that the pool of girls you can see and swipe right to (who will swipe left 99% of the time) is significantly reduced. And even if you get matched, most of them do not even bother replying your messages, much less allow you to meet them in real life.

This is why sometimes me and my buddies just engage social escorts like instead, save time and headaches. It is much easier and no hassle. I just need to arrange my timing to match theirs, and boom, instant match. No need to swipe right and praying hard (futilely) for them to swipe right back to me (which never happens anyway). Going through an escort agency is a significantly more convenient to meet girls in Singapore – pretty ones on top of that!

Is THIS The Best Social Escort Agency In Singapore?

There are so many agencies in Singapore, although most have come to pass. However, there are a few big and growing agencies in SG still. One such example is SG VIP Escorts, and in my opinion, their social escort models are definitely the best in Singapore.

First of all, there are certain other agencies in Singapore which try to pass off foreigners who work at cheap KTV bars as high end escorts… which honestly disgusts me. What makes me disgusted is that these unethical agencies try to lie to customers that these foreigners are local Singaporean university graduates. I mean, they don’t even look Singaporean! Additionally, most of these foreigners are here in Singapore on illegal passes, and prostitute in Geylang areas. This is NOT who I want when I engage a social escort. Thankfully, the escort models at SG VIP Escorts are truly Singaporean, in fact, I can tell the moment I met the first girl I ever engaged from their agency. I was a little apprehensive before her arrival, but once she arrived, seeing that she was a true blue Singaporean office lady who’s eloquent, it made me really happy.

Second of all, I don’t actually think most escort agencies bother to do this, but SG VIP Escorts is great in that they actually bother interviewing their escorts (I believe), because their social escorts are actually eloquent and good conversationalists. Most of the other agencies may provide pretty girls, but going out with them, I rather go out with a cardboard cut with a pretty girl’s silhouette pasted onto it. I enjoy going out and having fun with their models.

Third of all, I know they do not offer ‘extra services’, and true to their words, their models really rejected me when I try to offer extra for sexual services. There was only once where I met this model from them, although the agency informed me up front that strictly no sexual services is allowed and they strictly warned me against and refused to partake/imply/participate in such activities (which they really didn’t), I liked the girl so much that I actually offered a seriously obscene amount of money directly to her to be with her… After much persuasion, she decided to enjoy her time with me… if you know what I mean. I can say that was the best night in several months man!!!

My experience with them is always time well spent.

What To Expect For Social Escort Services?

As I mentioned in my first post, dating in Singapore can be really tough business. That’s why many men turn to social escort services in Singapore. Although it’s ‘taboo’, it’s a fully legal type of service to engage assuming the agency and/or the girls’ businesses are registered with the Singapore ACRA government branch. An example of a registered Singapore social escort company is SG VIP Escorts.

So, what can you safely expect will happen after you have went online and booked the social escort services in Singapore? Here are some things which is specific to the industry in SG.

First of all, if you want to meet the girl at a hotel room, the agency will usually verify your details with the hotel concierge (worry not, they will only call the concierge to check if there’s such a booking, not to tell them there will be a girl finding you) first to ensure that you are using your real details and that you are indeed the end customer for security reasons.

Second of all, if you are meeting the girl at a public event, such as gala dinners, then usually such verifications is not required, though a deposit is often required by you (unless you are an existing customer, then they MAY extend credit to you, which is payable upon meeting the girl).

Third of all, just like how you would not want your identity to be exposed, the girls also have their own privacy rights. Therefore, as Singapore is a conservative society, you should respect each others’ rights and keep each other’s identity private. This is also the reason why both the customer and the social escort usually do not exchange numbers for privacy reasons. What you will quickly notice is that true blue local, Singaporean social escorts are generally extremely privacy conscious. This is to a much greater degree than for e.g. European escorts when you go to Europe. This is also the reason why you can only find escorts in Singapore online, and they also usually do not reveal their full face in photos. Also, local models almost usually work behind an agency. They want as little point of contact with the customers as possible due to privacy reasons.

Fourth of all, although you should already know this, the escort is there to give you the girlfriend experience. This means that you should treat the girl with respect and even more so if you engage her services for gala events. She’ll act as your girlfriend, so be nice and treat her like yours as well. A social escort is different from a prostitute, so treat her differently as well.

Do note that most professional escort girls in Singapore also have a full time job and are also working on Mondays to Fridays. Therefore, most social escorts would only be available to work on Mondays to Fridays evenings as well as weekends.

At the end of the day/night, you two go your own ways and that’s it! Hopefully you had an enjoyable date.

Where Can I Find Social Escorts In Singapore?

Although there is definitely more than one place to find social escorts in Singapore, I highly recommend that you simply Google for social escort agencies, as you will then find different choices all at once easily. One of the strongly recommended social escort choices in Singapore will be

Anyway, the following are some of the places where you can find social escort services.

First of all, although The Straits Times advertising is considered outdated, older generation businessmen still rely on it as a form of advertising. Therefore, if you were to go into the classified sections of The Straits Times, you will be able to find advertisements by individual escorts or agencies in Singapore.

Second of all, you can try Yellow Pages although I think that is severely outdated. However, hey, you can try your luck although I personally think it is a bad idea because you cannot see any photographs of the escort girls through Yellow Pages.

Third of all, you can try Laksaboyforums. However, do note a word of caution here. Many of the services there are by illegal businesses. If you engage them and you get into trouble, then you must be prepared for it.

Finally, Google is the simplest way to search for any type of services in Singapore, including social escort services.

Experience Of Dating A Social Escort

If you think that dating a Singaporean woman is tough, then no worries! Get rich and then you can easily date social escorts, who are generally beautiful women in Singapore, with no strings attached! How gorgeous is that thought? Dating beautiful Singaporean women without emotional attachments and no strings attached. Anyway, let me share with you some of the experience of dating social escorts in Singapore. You can check out some of the pictures of the agency of which services I engaged a while ago here:

Date only through registered escort agencies

First of all, I only go through registered agencies in Singapore to find these escort girls, because those individual listings by women online sound really fishy and I’m not sure whether these girls are even over the age of 18 and whether they’re even local.

Arranging the meeting point & verification(s)

Secondly, after placing a booking with a social escort agency, I’ll arrange a meeting point, e.g. at a public area or at a hotel and the agency’s manager will then verify my details and/or get me to place a deposit. This is safe as long as you’re transferring into a corporate account as that can be tracked by the police in the event of a fraud. I repeat, never ever transfer money into a POSB account, as those are personal accounts and are usually used by unregistered social escort agencies and you will get into trouble or worse still, lose your money completely. I also like to take an extra step for my own money security by verifying the agency’s registered company UEN number with ACRA to ensure that they’re a legitimate Singapore agency.

Be punctual for the meeting

Third of all, usually agencies don’t allow customers to deal directly with the girl when it comes to business dealings and bookings, so what happens is that you will need to be at the place of appointment sharp and then the girl will meet you. Most social escorts don’t strictly keep track of time to the exact minute, though they still keep track of time. So just take note that.

Extension of time if you want to

After your date with the girl, you have the choice to end the date or you can extend the hours (subject to approval by the girl and the agency as the girl may have another client afterwards). I usually just end it there as I would have sufficiently guessed how much time I want to spend with that particular social escort.

So there you go, and then you part your ways. No hassles while having a complete girlfriend experience in Singapore if you engage the right social escort agency in Singapore for your preferences!

Dating In Singapore Can Be Tough!

First of all, most women in Singapore are relatively conservative compared to their Western counterparts, especially when it comes to random men picking them up on the streets. Singaporean women are generally much more defensive (even if they actually like the guy who’s approaching them) to any men who approaches them.

So, if offline is so hard, how about online? Turns out it’s not easy as well (although easier). This is because many Singaporeans have a stigma that if you’re using a mobile application just to get a date and to find a girlfriend in Singapore, you’re really desperate.

So let’s take a look at a video by TheSmartLocal where they interview random locals on the streets what their thoughts are about online dating.

If you prefer to watch the video directly here on this post, then simply click the play button below as I’ve embedded the video below.

So what are your thoughts? Is it really difficult to find a dating partner and date in Singapore? I think so! Let me know in the comments below.