Experience Of Dating A Social Escort

If you think that dating a Singaporean woman is tough, then no worries! Get rich and then you can easily date social escorts, who are generally beautiful women in Singapore, with no strings attached! How gorgeous is that thought? Dating beautiful Singaporean women without emotional attachments and no strings attached. Anyway, let me share with you some of the experience of dating social escorts in Singapore. You can check out some of the pictures of the agency of which services I engaged a while ago here: https://www.yelp.com.sg/biz/sg-vip-escorts-singapore.

Date only through registered escort agencies

First of all, I only go through registered escort agencies in Singapore to find these escort girls, because those individual listings by women online sound really fishy and I’m not sure whether these girls are even over the age of 18 and whether they’re even local.

Arranging the meeting point & verification(s)

Secondly, after placing a booking with a social escort agency, I’ll arrange a meeting point, e.g. at a public area or at a hotel and the agency’s manager will then verify my details and/or get me to place a deposit. This is safe as long as you’re transferring into a corporate account as that can be tracked by the police in the event of a fraud. I repeat, never ever transfer money into a POSB account, as those are personal accounts and are usually used by unregistered social escort agencies and you will get into trouble or worse still, lose your money completely. I also like to take an extra step for my own money security by verifying the agency’s registered company UEN number with ACRA to ensure that they’re a legitimate Singapore agency.

Be punctual for the meeting

Third of all, usually agencies don’t allow customers to deal directly with the girl when it comes to business dealings and bookings, so what happens is that you will need to be at the place of appointment sharp and then the girl will meet you. Most social escorts don’t strictly keep track of time to the exact minute, though they still keep track of time. So just take note that.

Extension of time if you want to

After your date with the girl, you have the choice to end the date or you can extend the hours (subject to approval by the girl and the agency as the girl may have another client afterwards). I usually just end it there as I would have sufficiently guessed how much time I want to spend with that particular social escort.

So there you go, and then you part your ways. No hassles while having a complete girlfriend experience in Singapore if you engage the right social escort agency in Singapore for your preferences!

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