Is THIS The Best Social Escort Agency In Singapore?

There are so many agencies in Singapore, although most have come to pass. However, there are a few big and growing agencies in SG still. One such example is SG VIP Escorts, and in my opinion, their social escort models are definitely the best in Singapore.

First of all, there are certain other agencies in Singapore which try to pass off foreigners who work at cheap KTV bars as high end escorts… which honestly disgusts me. What makes me disgusted is that these unethical agencies try to lie to customers that these foreigners are local Singaporean university graduates. I mean, they don’t even look Singaporean! Additionally, most of these foreigners are here in Singapore on illegal passes, and prostitute in Geylang areas. This is NOT who I want when I engage a social escort. Thankfully, the escort models at SG VIP Escorts are truly Singaporean, in fact, I can tell the moment I met the first girl I ever engaged from their agency. I was a little apprehensive before her arrival, but once she arrived, seeing that she was a true blue Singaporean office lady who’s eloquent, it made me really happy.

Second of all, I don’t actually think most escort agencies bother to do this, but SG VIP Escorts is great in that they actually bother interviewing their escorts (I believe), because their social escorts are actually eloquent and good conversationalists. Most of the other agencies may provide pretty girls, but going out with them, I rather go out with a cardboard cut with a pretty girl’s silhouette pasted onto it. I enjoy going out and having fun with their models.

Third of all, I know they do not offer ‘extra services’, and true to their words, their models really rejected me when I try to offer extra for sexual services. There was only once where I met this model from them, although the agency informed me up front that strictly no sexual services is allowed and they strictly warned me against and refused to partake/imply/participate in such activities (which they really didn’t), I liked the girl so much that I actually offered a seriously obscene amount of money directly to her to be with her… After much persuasion, she decided to enjoy her time with me… if you know what I mean. I can say that was the best night in several months man!!!

My experience with them is always time well spent.

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